Pieced Large
  1st. Carol Beliso. George
Washington's New York
2nd.Susan Kappelman.
Patriotic Bargello
McCarthy-Lurie. From
Amsterdam to America
3rd.Susan Huntziger.
Oriental Gold.
Pieced Medium
  1st. Lori Ramsey.
Shades of Gray
2nd Jerilee Malley.
A Little Cider and a Little
3rd. Kim King. French Door.
Pieced Small
  1st. Ann Leibovitz.
Tumbling Blocks
2nd. Betsy Morgon.
My Village
3rd. Deb Faris
Bushels of Boxes
Pieced Extra Large
  1st. Ricky Bragg.
At Home in Catalina
2nd. Jerilee Malley
Snips and Snails and Puppy
Dog Tails
3rd.Deb Cardinale.
Kate's Dream.
3rd. Susan Kappelman
Batik Jacob's Ladder
1st. Susan Kappelman
Batik Jacob's Ladder
2nd. Ricky Bragg.
At Home in Catalina
3rd. Brandi Kelly-Contreras.
President's quilt, Dancing
4th. Susan Huntzinger.
Windows Across the
Free Motion Quilting
  1st. Patricia Adair.
Stars and Flowers
2nd. Debra Cardinale.
Kate's Dream
3rd. Sandra Carreon.
Fantasy Blosson and Swirls
Hand Quilted
  1st. Jerilee Malley
One Spring Day
2nd. Nanette Paci
Some Friday Friends
3rd. Joyce Andrew.
Antique Pink Bows
Best in Show
Ann Leibovitz Umbrellas
2017 Quilt Show
Viewer's Choice Winners
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