Community Relations was formed to follow our mandate to further the teaching and study of quilting and the
community outreach of quilting in the Long Beach Area.  

Giving quilts made by members is one of the ways we work with the organizations in the community.   Kits are
available for members to assemble and return to the committee.   Periodically we have workshops where a member of
the guild teaches a technique that those attending use as a quilt for the community or they may work on their
current donation quilt.  Although it is not a requirement we do feel that no less than one quilt per member is a fair
request of the general membership.

The Community Relations Committee meets the third Saturday of each month (
until further notice - check at the
Community Relations table to confirm dates, times and location
).  This meeting is to prepare quilt kits, assemble
quilts, and attach labels.  In general work on quilts for the community while enjoying the company of fellow guild
members.  Don’t forget us when you decide to clean out or rearrange your stash...we will gladly take donations of
fabrics you are no longer in love with to make quilts and kits.

Our quilts are distributed  to the following groups:
Long Beach PD – SART (Sexual Abuse Rescue Team) Unit
LB Battered Women’s Shelter
For The Child
New Life Beginnings
St. Mary’s hospital pediatric unit
VA Hospital in Long Beach

This is a flexible list so organizations may be added or removed from time to time.  

Quilters By The Sea Philanthropy segment is very important to all the guild members.  Each year the Community
Relations Philanthropy Committee is provided funds to be distributed to the community.  More information is
available at the Community Relations table during the general meetings.

We also make other collections throughout the year for various items such as school supplies for the children,
personal items for people who live in the shelters, and many gifts and other items that are distributed at our annual
Holiday party.
QBS Community Relations and Philanthropy