1st Sheryl Stahl
Dragonflies at Dusk
2nd Jerilee Malley
One Spring Day
3rd Linda Castle
1st Sandy Carreon
I'm Celebrating Sea Turtles
2nd Linda Fowler
Sierra Serenity
3rd Joyce Andrew
Rosebuds for the Cabin
1st Brandi Kelly-Contreras
President's Quilt
2nd Nancette Paci
Some Friday Friends
3rd Linda Castle
Favorite Things
Mixed Tech Large
1st. CarolLynn Machado Guarino.
Words to live by.
2nd. CarolLynn Machado Guarino
Dear Jane
3rd. Pat Adair. Stars and Flowers.
Mixed Tech Small
1st Pat Barton.
Merry Christmas.
2nd Linda Castle.
Margie's Birds
3rd Carol Beliso.
Calendar Girls
1st. Kim King.Modern
Applique Collection
2nd.Pat Adair.
Modern Amish
3rd. Sue MIchaels.
All the Leaves has Spots.
1st. Ann Leibovitz. Umbrellas.
2nd. Ivy Sen Mermaid Under the Ocean
3rd. Sandra Carreon. Can you find the
2017 Quilt Show
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